Valencian Paella, Cooked on the Fire


I didn’t think I’d be posting the recipe for paella valenciana, Valencian paella, this early in the life of Mama Ía blog. I don’t know, I thought I had to do a few more simple recipes first, ease into the paella, maybe get you acquainted with the blog, in particular with the section on paella and all the information there that I highly (more…)

High School Graduation – A Dried Cherry and Caramelized Pecan Goat Cheese Torta

It took me a few months to be convinced that moving to Fort Wayne was the right thing for our family of two. After all, I had been living in Canada for less than three years, and had recently moved from Toronto to Oakville —from the city to the suburbs. But Dave’s employer was headquartered in Indiana, and the promotion he had been offered involved—and required— the move. For me, (more…)

Plums and Almonds Cake, an evocative combination

There once was a field planted with orange trees, rows upon rows of orange trees, that soaked up the sun most every day of the year. One large round basin kept a watchful eye, collecting both well and rain water, and letting it go, flooding the fields where the orange trees lived. The trees grew blossoms that perfumed the air, that turned (more…)