Moroccan couscous of Fall Vegetables

Moroccan Couscous of Fall Vegetables

Moroccan Couscous of Fall Vegetables

When I set out to write this blog, my idea was to post the Spanish recipes I grew up with. Most of them are the traditional dishes cooked in the Valencian Community, or in Andalusia, the regions where my parents come from, and the dishes most made at my house. However, as I also mentioned (more…)

White Sweet Potato Preserve Turnovers, Empanadillas de Dulce de Boniato, A Winter Delicacy on a Fall Day


I find it interesting to see how this blog thing is working out. Take this week, for instance. I had a few ideas in my head as to what to make for this week’s post. I could choose from a number of recipes that included Fall vegetables —the beautiful pumpkins, or butternut squash, sweet potatoes, delicata or acorn squash. I hadn’t made up my mind yet, waiting to see what peaked my interest.   (more…)

Coffee Meringues, a melt-in-your-mouth sweet treat

Making paella always wakes up my senses, every one of them. I’m sure it is because of all the sentiments it evokes, and the memories attached to the dish. Growing up in Spain, we used to have paella mostly on Sundays, when the after-meal time could linger for hours and well into the early evening. In the summer, the after-meal time  (more…)