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Meatballs in wine sauce, albóndigas en salsa, Mama Ía blog

Meatballs in Wine Sauce, Albóndigas en Salsa, a Classic

Meatballs in wine sauce, albóndigas, Mama Ía blogMeatballs in wine sauce, albóndigas en salsa, are a classic Spanish dish. Growing up, they were a favorite, and I think it’s safe to say children and adults alike love them. At home, and at most homes in Spain, they are accompanied by potatoes, that marry so well with the sauce they’re cooked in. My mom made them with cubed (more…)

Slow baked baby back ribs, Mama ía blog

Slow Baked Baby Back Ribs and Grilled Corn with Ñora Allioli

Slow baked baby back ribs, Mama ía blogI like ribs, but never loved them (I can hear you gasping). Of all the different pork cuts, I never found ribs to be tender enough, instead, I always found them kind of chewy, a cut of meat that was too much bone and not enough meat. In Valencia I had them mostly in rice dishes, like in hearty baked rice, arroz al horno. I love hearty baked rice, it’s one of my favorite rice dishes, but I would eat the chorizo, blood sausage, vegetables and rice before I ate the ribs (sometimes I even pushed them aside). So much so that I don’t even add pork ribs to my hearty baked rice recipe (find it here), even though they’re part of it.

Josph Decuis Farm, Mama ía blog (more…)

Pork tenderloin with chestnut sherry sauce

Pork Tenderloin with Chestnut and Sherry Sauce

Pork tenderloin with chestnut sherry sauceWhat a beautiful time of the year this is —and this week in particular, a week of anticipation, of preparations, for the big day on Christmas, if you celebrate it. The music in the stores, and in many radio stations, puts me in a happy mood, in an expectant mood. Maybe you’re traveling to see family. Maybe relatives are coming to spend some time with you. Or your (more…)

Grilled Lamb Chops, Mama Ía

Barbacoa in Onteniente, and some Birthdays

Grilled Lamb Chops, Mama ÍaI remember vividly my brother-in-law Jorge’s comments on his first visit to our house in Indiana a number of years ago. It was with the occasion of a very American ritual: the barbecue. Jorge, a veterinarian turned the purchasing director at the meat department of a large Spanish supermarket chain, and who, since the last couple of years (more…)

Spicy pork chops and asparagus with manchego

Spicy Pork Chops and Roasted Asparagus with Manchego, dinner in thirty minutes

Spicy pork chops and asparagus with manchegoWhen I moved to North America years ago, I had to get used to things that were done differently than in Spain or any other place I had lived in. One of them was schedules, or rather, the times when regular daily activities like meals were done. Lunch in Spain rarely happens before 2 PM, and dinner not before 9 PM, at the earliest. I’m not saying (more…)

Pork tenderloin in the style of Córdoba, Mama ía

Pork Tenderloin in the Style of Cordoba —and Knoxville, Asheville and Charleston

Pork tenderloin cordoba, Mama ía

Going away for spring break is something relatively new for us. In Spain, we had Holy Week holidays, which coincided, of course, with Holy Week and Easter. Even living in the United States, when the children were younger they didn’t notice if we went away on a trip during spring break or not. In fact, it was nice staying in Fort Wayne: the (more…)

Braised Short Ribs in Two Wines Sauce, Comfort Food in a (so far) Mild Winter

Braised Short Ribs with Mashed Red PotatoesMy brother-in-law Jorge is an animal lover. And if he has a weakness for an animal in particular, that would be the cow. And the bull. Jorge is a veterinarian by trade, and after years of working as the purchasing director of the meat department of one of Spain’s largest supermarket chains —traveling to many parts of Spain as well as  (more…)

Roasted Leg of Lamb

Roasted Leg of Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary

Roasted Leg of Lamb

It looks like the twenty five days of Christmas movies marathon is over on television. In fact, it was over the day after Christmas. It always makes me smile. Many Christmas trees will be recycled one day or two after Christmas Day. And yet, Christmas season starts on Christmas Day, and goes on for twelve days, until (more…)