Salt Cod Fritters, Mama Ía

Salt Cod Fritters, Buñuelos de Bacalao for Friday

Salt Cod Fritters, Mama ÍaI’m multi-tasking as I write this, trying to get tickets for our trip to Spain as well as writing this post. I’m looking forward to our trip, and as they say, getting there is half the fun! This includes trying to make sense of the dates available for every member of our family, accomodating summer jobs, work, soccer camps and (more…)

Chocolate Mousse Tower Cake

Chocolate Mousse Tower Cake, and a Weekend of Love

Chocolate Mousse Tower CakeThis is not the post I was going to do for this week. In fact, this post was not even planned. What was planned, and what is almost finished, (as you will soon see), is a different recipe, of one of my favorite tapas. But Matthew came home this weekend, almost by surprise (we had known for just a few days), and we had to celebrate. Add to it (more…)

Braised Short Ribs in Two Wines Sauce, Comfort Food in a (so far) Mild Winter

Braised Short Ribs with Mashed Red PotatoesMy brother-in-law Jorge is an animal lover. And if he has a weakness for an animal in particular, that would be the cow. And the bull. Jorge is a veterinarian by trade, and after years of working as the purchasing director of the meat department of one of Spain’s largest supermarket chains —traveling to many parts of Spain as well as  (more…)

Chocolate Meringue Cake

Chocolate Meringue Cakes, or the Habit of Conservation

Chocolate Meringue CakesHave you noticed how, more often than not, the end of something good only means the beginning of something better? It happens to me everytime I bake: the end of a good dessert brings me inspiration for the next. But most often, it’s the ingredients, or rather, what’s left, the scraps and by-products, that are the spark (more…)

Lemon Tart

Velvety Lemon Tart, Remembering the Place that Saw me Grow

Lemon TartI grew up surrounded by orange trees. Almost literally! The name of the place was El Taroncheral, and the property, an expansive orange tree grove that included a large stucco dwelling and a circular basin where rain and well water for irrigation were collected. Eventually, three houses where built: I grew up in one of the houses.

Taroncheral, by the way, (more…)

Seafood paella

Seafood Paella, Made Famous by… You

Seafood paellaAfter having shared the recipe for allioli in my previous post, it was only fitting that I would share the recipe for seafood paella, which is what I mentioned I would be accompanying the allioli with. Matthew, the most paella-loving of my children, left yesterday for his second semester in college, which means I might not make paella for (more…)


Aioli, or Allioli, a versatile sauce

AllioliI can’t believe today is the feast of the Epiphany, Three Kings Day, and I am making allioli while watching the Three Kings Parade on Spanish television. But these are Matthew’s last few days at home before he returns to college, and he wants to have homey, special dishes before he leaves, like the seafood paella I’ll be (more…)

Roasted Leg of Lamb

Roasted Leg of Lamb with Garlic and Rosemary

Roasted Leg of Lamb

It looks like the twenty five days of Christmas movies marathon is over on television. In fact, it was over the day after Christmas. It always makes me smile. Many Christmas trees will be recycled one day or two after Christmas Day. And yet, Christmas season starts on Christmas Day, and goes on for twelve days, until (more…)