Lavender lemonade, Mama ía blog

Lavender Lemonade, and the Vegetable Garden

Lavender lemonade, Mama ía blogWith the higher temperatures, which seem to have come now to stay, lemonade is my drink of choice. I like to make mine, because I can control the amount of sugar I add. And I particularly like lavender lemonade, because lavender is one of my favorite aromas, and I like lemon on just about everything, so putting the two together seems very logical to me. The lavender comes from my garden; the lemons —I wish.

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Lemon ice cream, Mama ía

Lemon Ice Cream, The Most Refreshing Taste of Summer

Lemon Ice Cream, Mama íaIf there’s a dessert that prominently features in our menu during our summers in Spain, it is my sister Susana’s lemon ice cream. She makes an amazing one, everyone’s favorite, and for the most part, with lemons from the property. I’ve talked about El Taroncheral before (click here), the place that probably holds (more…)

Lemon Tart

Velvety Lemon Tart, Remembering the Place that Saw me Grow

Lemon TartI grew up surrounded by orange trees. Almost literally! The name of the place was El Taroncheral, and the property, an expansive orange tree grove that included a large stucco dwelling and a circular basin where rain and well water for irrigation were collected. Eventually, three houses where built: I grew up in one of the houses.

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