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Strawberry sponge cake with strawberry frosting, Mama ía blog

Strawberry Sponge Layer Cake with Strawberry Cream Frosting, for Mother’s Day

Strawberry sponge cake with strawberry cream frosting, Mama ía blogIf you subscribe to this blog, or follow it regularly, you’ve noticed it has taken me a few extra days to post. I have not been procrastinating! In fact, this is the third recipe that I cooked and photographed for this week’s post. I kept changing my mind about it, and suddenly, I realized this Sunday is Mother’s Day in Spain, and I will (more…)

Chocolate Mousse Tower Cake

Chocolate Mousse Tower Cake, and a Weekend of Love

Chocolate Mousse Tower CakeThis is not the post I was going to do for this week. In fact, this post was not even planned. What was planned, and what is almost finished, (as you will soon see), is a different recipe, of one of my favorite tapas. But Matthew came home this weekend, almost by surprise (we had known for just a few days), and we had to celebrate. Add to it (more…)