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Monjavina, Mama ía blog

Monjavina, for “La Merienda”

Monjavina, Mama ía blogMonjavina is a sweet of arab origin, typical of the region of Játiva and of La Vall d’Albaida, where Onteniente, my hometown, is located. You can find it by other names like almoixàvena or monxàvena, but you will very rarely find it in any other regions of Spain other than the ones I just mentioned. My mom, in fact, never made it, as she (more…)

Chococlate almond tart with blackberries, Mama ía

Chocolate Almond Tart with Blackberries —and Memories of a Gathering of Women

Chocolate almond tart with blackberries, Mama íaIt is said that the sense of smell is the most evocative of all senses, and this chocolate almond tart with blackberries made me think of it, not only because of the current aroma in my kitchen (I wish food blogs could be not only visual but carry the fragance of the dishes to their readers!), but because of what it (more…)